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  • What is FotoFly Santa?
    FotoFly Santa is YOU! One of our cute elves will assist you in getting dressed in one of our Santa outfits. We will then create amazing images that hide your true identity and make you appear to be a fun-loving Santa playfully interacting with your happy children. Which sounds pretty awesome when you consider they could be forced to sit on some guy's lap.
  • Will you also have a traditional Santa?
    Yes! Our traditional Santa is there for those children who have their heart set on visiting a Santa and telling him their Christmas list. He will be there to hear their wish lists and give them candy canes. We didn't want you to have to make a separate trip later to some other Santa. We're thoughtful like that.
  • Can we just use your Santa for pictures?
    Yes! If you think your child will be okay with a regular Santa, ours would love to be in your picture. Be warned: if your child is around two or younger, there is a solid chance that they will surprise you and be terrified of Santa. Once your child is spooked, it sometimes takes a while to get them back on track.
  • How many poses will we receive?
    This is dependant upon your session and what you want. Generally you will receive three poses with your single session. This will change if we have a large cousins group or you have outfit changes. In past years, we sometimes get carried away with how many poses we do (I've done it myself). We are intending to give you three good poses. For more than 3 poses, please schedule additional appointments. There is a $5 discount for multiple sessions with immediate family.
  • Will you photograph groups?
    Yes! But we will NOT split up a group into individuals in a single session. For example, we will photograph a group of siblings or cousins but will not then break off into individuals from there. If you'd like separate shots of your children, you must purchase a separate package. However, if you buy CONSECUTIVE sessions of YOUR OWN CHILDREN, the additional sessions will be $34.99. This discount doesn't apply to cousins or friends.
  • How much time will you spend with us?
    We are scheduling sessions ten minutes apart. This is to spread out the sessions throughout the day but shouldn't be an expectation that we will spend ten minutes with you. We are expecting that some sessions will be much quicker than ten minutes and some will take longer than ten minutes. Imagine the difference between a seven year old and a group of eight cousins...the time needed is going to vary. Again, our goal is to give you three good poses. Sometimes the best sessions are the quickest ones.
  • Does Santa have to be in the picture?
    Yes. These are Santa pictures and we do not want them to slowly replace regular family sessions at the studio.
  • How and when will we receive our images?
    We will email you a link to download your images within two business days. If you don't have them within that time please call us at 801-727-3686 to verify email address provided. Also, please check your spam folders for an email from us.
  • Can we simply visit Santa without paying?
    No. We have organized this to provide Santa photos for our customers and give their children an opportunity to meet Santa.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    The best way to make appointments is through this website. Simply click on SCHEDULE.
  • Will you take walk-ins without an appointment?
    No. You must have an appointment.
  • Are there going to be lines?
    We schedule appointments to spread out customers so there are not lines. If a child is struggling, we will spend a reasonable amount of time working with that child. We're a determined people. Because the appointments are close together, this sometimes creates some wait time. The photographers will work hard to balance staying on time and everyone gets great pictures.
  • Can I book multiple sessions?
    Absolutely! We'll even give you a $5 discount for each consecutive session you book for immediate family members. We do encourage you to stay at the same wall if you have multiple sessions because typically the children will do better. There may also be additional time between your different sessions if you switch walls.
  • How many people can be in a group/pose?
    Due to the size of our different locations, 10 people may be in a group/pose at the Kaysville Home and 14 at Thanksgiving Point.
  • I have a question that isn't answered here.  What should I do?
    Please message us through this website or call at 801-727-3686.
  • What deep trauma influenced Eric to create FotoFly Santa?
    This was me...
  • How did you come up with this idea?
    I actually get asked this a lot. The idea started with a request from a customer to do Santa pictures our first year. My reaction was, "I hate Santa pictures!" The customer responded, "Why?" My answer became a roadmap for designing FotoFly Santa. By having the parent dress as Santa, there wouldn't be a creepy, scary person that would terrify the children. By only showing strategic parts of the parent, you wouldn't be able to see that it wasn't really Santa. By setting appointments, we wouldn't force parents to wait in endless lines at the mall. By offering the electronic images, we wouldn't be taking advantage of parents by charging high prices for picture packages. I had the idea in 2011 the week before Thanksgiving. We bought everything we needed, rented a tent and were open that weekend. We created a website last minute. I didn't know if we'd do 50 or 500 families that first year. Our question was answered when we opened the website and 800 families signed up the first night! Last year, we photographed over 5,500 families. 2017 will be our seventh year. It has become a yearly tradition for a lot of families in Utah. I'm very proud of what we've done and hope to continue doing FotoFly Santa for years to come.
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