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Our Orem store at University Place will feature a white wall and a barn wall. We just love these classic looks from our Thanksgiving Point location, and know how many people love that they can see their kids grow up through their photos on these backgrounds.

Santa 1.jpg


Draper will be a new permanent studio with a large white wall and a large natural wood slat wall. This studio will be great for larger groups needing a bigger background and for anyone looking for something NEW!



Salt Lake City offers a very relaxed, open space. This clean, warm studio is great for larger groups and has amazing natural light. This studio is perfect for focusing on every child's personality.


Our Kaysville pop-up will be replacing our FotoFly Home location this year! With authentic wood floors paired with a simple accent wall and trees and a huge white barn wood wall, this location will capture the same great backgrounds from our home with a new twist.

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